Coding Ninjas Referral and Coupon Codes

Coding Ninjas Referral and Coupon Codes provide you with the best sale offers and deals on all the online courses. There is a wide variety of courses which you can get with amazing offers and deals. Grab the best Coding Ninjas coupon codes and offers to get the courses at maximum discounts.


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What is Coding Ninjas Coupon Code?

Coding Ninjas coupon code is a computer-generated code, consisting of letters that students can enter into a promotional box on the Coding Ninjas’ checkout page to obtain a discount on the current purchase. There are various types of discount coupons provided by the company. Some are used to get discount on the courses, while others are used to get online paid contests at discounted prices.

You can use the Coding Ninjas Scholarship Test Coupon Code to take the test at half of the mentioned price. On the official website, you will see the price to give the test is Rs 99. But on using the promo code, you can give it just at Rs 50. Similarly you can use the Coding Ninjas referral codes to get 12% additional discount on all the online courses provided by the company.

what are coding ninjas referral discount coupons

What is Coding Ninjas referral ?

Coding Ninjas referral is basically a discount code which can be provided by any past student or Ninja Entrepreneur to the new students. Any student can get 10% – 12% additional discount on all the courses using these referral links.

The New student will get additional discount from those referral link and the person who is referring the course will also get some benefits. Once you purchase a course, you will also get your Coding Ninjas referral code which you can share to the new students to provide them some additional discount on the courses. In return, you will also get some coins on your Coding Ninjas wallet which you can use to purchase further courses from the website.


What is the new Referral Discount Scheme ?

Coding Ninjas has recently changed their discount scheme. Earlier it provides FLAT Rs.1200 discount on all their courses using Coding Ninjas Coupon Code. No matter whether the course is of Rs.6,000 value or Rs.60,000 value.

But now, that Rs.1200 is changed to 12%. So, you will get FLAT 12% additional discount on the mentioned price on Coding Ninjas’ website. Hence, if your course is of Rs.6,000 value, you will get additional Rs.720 discount. But if it is of Rs.60,000 then you will get additional Rs.7,200 discount which is really HUGE !!

how to use coding ninjas referral coupons

How to use Coding Ninjas Referral on my Account?

Coding Ninjas Referral coupons offers maximum 12% discount on new accounts plus you can avail 30% as an early bird discount. You get a 42% overall discount on coding ninjas courses which means GREAT SAVINGS with the Coding Ninjas Discount Coupons. Following are the simple steps to avail your Coding Ninjas Coupon Code:

STEP 1. Create a new account on Coding Ninjas from which you have not taken any course yet.

STEP 2. Simply login to your account.

STEP 3. Click on the Referral Coupon link provided above and the discount code will be applied automatically on all the courses.

STEP 4. Then select the course you want to take, and at the time of checkout you will see the Coding Ninjas coupon code already applied.

So, this it the only change that you will get additional 12% discount instead of Rs.1200 discount using Coding Ninjas Coupon Code.

Is the new Discount Scheme better and beneficial than previous scheme?

This new and updated Coding Ninjas Discount Scheme is beneficial when you take courses above Rs.10,000. Suppose you want purchase a course worth 4,000, earlier you could get FLAT Rs.1200 discount. But now, you will get 12% i.e. Rs.480 discount only.

If you choose to take a course above Rs.10,000, then you will get 1,200+  discount which will be more than the previously provided Rs.1200. Suppose you take a course of Rs.60,000 then you will get additional Rs.7,200 discount which is 6 times of previously provided amount of Rs.1,200 .

No matter which is better, currently 12% Discount scheme is the only scheme of Coding Ninjas as the previous scheme is not applicable now !!


How to get maximum benefit through Coding Ninjas Coupon codes?

Maximum benefit on Coding Ninjas courses can be availed through Coding Ninjas Coupon Codes which 12% discount on any course. You can get it right NOW from the link above.

Besides additional methods are also available which can get you savings as high as 42%! Early Bird Discount gets you additional 30% discount i.e. you get total benefit of 12% + 30% .

  1. Make a fresh account on Coding Ninjas. Fresh account refers that you have not purchased any course yet from that account.
  2. Then login the account.
  3. There is already a 10% – 30%  Coding Ninjas discount coupon provided by the Coding Ninjas.
  4.  Then click on the referral link given above to get additional 12% discount.
  5. After that, select the course and choose the batch starting after about 14 days to get additional Early Bird Discount.

About Coding Ninjas

There is a reason why we take pride in branding ourselves as the best programming language platform in India. Our instructors, graduates from Stanford University, IITs, IIITs, are Master craftsmen with years of industry experience at Facebook, Amazon, American Express, Times Internet, etc. At Coding Ninjas, our mission is to continuously innovate the best ways to train the next generation of developers and to transform the way tech education is delivered. We’re constantly evolving how we train amazing developers, as staying stagnant is not an option. We approach our educational philosophy as a never-ending journey of self-improvement and we apply it to everything we do.

Why Learn Programming Online from Here?

Same instructors, same courses, and the same content but your own schedule with our online classrooms! Coding Ninjas have experience teaching coding to more than 4000 students in our classroom programs. Our online programming classes are adaptive and judge the codes instantly. Here, we replicate our offline classroom experience with the help of Teaching Assistants. The TA to student ratio is 1:10. TAs clear doubts and queries during specific allotted time frames in addition to holding weekly doubt session webinars.

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What is the way to apply multiple coupon codes on Coding Ninjas ?

You can apply one coupon code at a time on Coding Ninjas. If you try to apply another coupon code, first one will automatically be removed.

Can I get Coding Ninjas Coupon Code?

Coding Ninjas coupon code are basically these discount codes. Coding Ninjas does not provide any Coupon Codes separately.
The codes provided at all places over internet is basically these 10% and 12% discount codes only.
You can not get more than a discount 12%  from any coupon code available anywhere over internet.

Is there any Coding Ninjas Referral Code ?

Coupon Code and Referral code are same. You can apply “JCHOK” as Coding Ninjas Referral Code at the time of checkout. An additional discount of 12% will be applied on the course.
You can also apply this Coupon code using the link mentioned HERE.
This is the best Coupon code available for Coding Ninjas.

What is the maximum discount I can get on Coding Ninjas Online courses ?

You can avail a maximum of 42% discount on Coding Ninjas Online courses. Using 12% discount coupon codes and 30% Early Bird discounts. You can not get more than 42% discount on Coding Ninjas by any means.

Why Should I Get The Coding Ninjas Discount now?

Who doesn’t like saving money? Everyone loves saving money. Especially when you are a student!
If you are willing to learn to program, Coding Ninjas Coupon Code lets you enjoy Coding Ninjas courses for as good as FREE. Get an instant 12% discount on all Coding Ninja courses on a new account.

Can I Get a Course For Free?

Coding Ninjas gives the option of FREE TRIAL for each course. You can also join a course with a 42% maximum discount with a Coding Ninjas coupon code. But you cannot get any coding ninjas courses for free.

Can I Ask For A Refund?

Yes, you can get a full refund if you apply for the same within 7 days of joining. You can also pause your course if your current circumstances don’t allow you to pursue it and return at your convenience. But in case you decide to cancel the Coding Ninjas course, you can get a refund.

How To Save Money On Coding Ninjas Courses?

You can apply Open the discount Link to avail 12% Discount.
Register on Coding Ninjas Website or Log in a New Account (New account means you have not taken any course yet from that account.)
10%-30% discount are already given by coding ninjas on all courses, depending on starting date of the course.
After that, select the course and choose the batch starting after about 30 days to get an additional Early Bird Discount on Coding Ninjas.


Coding Ninjas Online Course Review

I have done 3 courses from Coding Ninjas and also done a Teaching Assistant internship there. So, here I provided my complete Coding Ninjas online course review from my 2+ year experience. I have mentioned here all features including the pros and cons of their courses. Do check out my Coding Ninjas Review from HERE.