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Coding Ninjas Competitive Programming Course Free Download Now !!

Competitive programming has become one of the most important skills of programmers as its popularity and demand is increasing day by day. In order to excel in competitive coding, students are adapting in various ways. Some are practicing a lot, while others are taking the courses to learn the skill. And if you search for the best Competitive Programming online courses, then the name which at first comes to your mind will be of Coding Ninjas. Coding Ninjas Competitive Programming course is one of the best sellers of the company and it always is in huge demand. So, what’s special in this course? Why are all the students attracted to this course? All these questions can be answered in my Coding Ninjas Competitive Programming Course Review. But in this post, I will share with you the trick to download the Coding Ninjas Competitive Programming course for free.

How to Download Coding Ninjas Courses for Free

In order to download the course, you need your smartphone. It is not possible to download the course videos on your desktop or laptop. This is due to it’s highly encrypted video formats. You need to install a special application on your mobile phone, that is the Coding Ninjas Official app. You can easily find it on google play store or on ios. Once downloaded, you need to login on your account. Do remember that you login in that account from which you have purchased the course. After logging in, you will see your purchased course. Then the next step is to open the video you want to download.

Once reached at the point, you will see a download option next to the video. When you proceed with that option, you need to set the video quality to download. And after selecting the necessary details, you can see the downloading begins. On the completion of your download, you will get your video downloaded.

But do remember that you can not access this video beyond that app. Neither you can share this video to your laptop or with your friends. And the validity of this downloaded video will be the same as that of your course lecture video validity. When your course will expire, your downloaded videos will also expire. Hope this post will help you to get the trick for the Coding Ninjas Competitive Programming Course free download.

Is it possible to download the course without purchasing ?

If you are looking to download the course without purchasing it, then you will be disappointed to know that it is not possible. You have to purchase the course in order to download it for free. There is no unofficial way to download the courses from any website or any Telegram/Whatsapp group.

Moreover, if you are looking to buy the Coding Ninjas Competitive Programming Course, then you can get it at maximum discount using the Coding Ninjas Referral code provided here. You will get FLAT 42% discount on the course using the coupons and other tricks mentioned there.

How is the Coding Ninjas Competitive Programming Course ?

Coding Ninjas Competitive Programming Course is the best course if you have the basics of C++ clear and want to master competitive programming. I personally purchased this course last year and now I am almost perfect in Competitive Programming. You should definitely take a Free Trial of the course if CP is your interest. This course is a bit advanced and some topics might be hard to understand. But you should not worry about that as you need not learn all the topics as some of the problems are as hard as they are not even asked in Google exams.

I have also done the Competitive Programming Teaching Assistant Internship from Coding Ninjas after the completion of my course and my experience was excellent. It was a paid internship and I got double the amount that I invested in purchasing that course. So, overall it was a value for money deal.

Should I take the Coding Ninjas Competitive Programming Course or the Data Structures and Algorithms Foundation Course ?

It all depends on your needs and requirements. If you are an absolute beginner, then you should go with the basic Data Structures and Algorithms course. But if you are an intermediate learner, then I would suggest you to go with the advanced Competitive Programming Course. For the CP course, you need to have your basics clear and one thing you need to remember is that the course is completely based on C++ language.

If you are familiar with JAVA or Python, then you should have some basic knowledge of C++ to pursue this course. Competitive Programming has vast implementation specially in placement tests of various companies. If you have command over Competitive Programming, then solving and cracking the placement test would not be a big deal to you. And I highly recommend you to go with the Coding Ninjas Competitive Programming course as its courses are always best among all in the industry.