Coding Ninja Online C++ Course Review


C++ is an object-oriented general-purpose programming language developed in1985 to provide efficiency and flexibility to the programmers. Today it is the most widely used language underlaid in most desktop applications, games, servers and databases. 


Coding Ninjas prepare their students with the most powerful and portable programming tool- C++ the language which almost all successful coders are fluent in. Coding Ninjas are aware of the needs of the tech industry and they gear up their learners with latest state-of-art developments within a coding language. They make ninjas out of beginners in coding. They will give you knowledge of every basic concept of the language.


Coding Ninjas train you to join the real world and work for big names like Google, Microsoft. These companies hire the best coders with clear fundamental concepts because they are resting solutions for the masses in the form of applications, softwares, and programmes that can ease the way of living. Learn this powerful language and practice at ide platforms of Coding Ninjas like CodeStudio and CodeZen.


Prepares For: Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Amazon etc

Taught In: English & Hindi

Duration: 4-6 Months

Benefits: FREE TRIAL

Maximum Discount: With CODING NINJAS COUPON CODE get a discount as high as 42% on this course.


Their faculty are trained professionals from IITs, IIITs, Stanford, and professionals in the IT world. They are experienced and solve new problems enthusiastically to test their command of programming concepts. TAs are very supportive and friendly, they resolve your basic doubts, difficult doubts and help you with assignments and CodeZen problems. 

The head faculty of C++ is Ankush Singla sir and Nidhi Agarwal ma’am who teach almost all batches of the course. They make sure that the concept is grasped by the students and are open to suggestions and feedback from individual students to know how they can help them.

Get genuine reviews of Coding Ninjas Online C++ course from the students who already taken the course.

See both sides of the coin of Coding Ninja Courses

by Deepak Pandey

Myself Deepak Pandey, I have recently completed my C++ with Data Structures Online Course from Coding Ninjas taught by Nidhi Agarwal ma’m and Ankush Singla sir.

Don’t take this answer as I belong to their side . Now, I can See both the sides of the coin, as I am currently enrolled in an Offline program. So i can distinguish it better from online to offline.

Before joining the course, I was in little doubt whether the Online Course will be as effective or not as the offline one. But all my doubts cleared as soon as i started the course. Some of the main things which I noticed during the Coding Ninjas online course –

  • The content of the course was so amazing and above my level of expectation . And the Structure of the course was So planned that it had the upper hand. When compared to any other courses available online.
  • Codezen was the official ide for code submission and evaluation of the assignments and tests . And it Contains Enormous amount of Questions to practice on every popular Topic. Which makes you even far more comfortable with coding. There are question of the day, Blogs, practice tests etc.

coding ninjas codezen

Coding Ninjas CODEZEN

  • The Teaching Assistants are available for your help whenever you stuck in the course. Before the course , i was worried that whether i will be able to clear all my doubts online  and how would be the support. But Teaching Assistant available will be helping you to write code and clear all your doubts within few minutes or hours.
  • There were Weekly webinars by the mentors to clear all your doubts during the course, which brings you in direct support by the mentor , which i never saw before in any of the online courses available.
  • Best thing about the course is that the complete focus is on problem solving ,that makes you comfortable with coding. And makes you write code efficiently and confidently.

As i have both the experiences, Online and Offline courses. I can say that, The online course is equally beneficial as the offline course and makes you learn with the same intent. Moreover, the online classes are better in terms of time management and teaching efficiency. As none of your time will be wasted in transport or waiting for the faculty. There are some cases in offline courses that some faculty missed some topic or not efficient in a topic. But in online courses, you will be provided content from best faculty after removing all mistakes or errors.

Hope you would Enjoy the online course. If not enrolled yet… go and join the course now !!

All the best !

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Use the Coding Ninjas Referral discount coupon provided below to get FLAT 32% discount on online c++ course of Coding Ninjas.

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