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My journey as Competitive Programmer

by Vaibhav Dixit

My journey as Competitive Programmer started in my school time, when I was in 11 standard. Yes, it was “Hello World!”

In my school, various coding contests were conducted almost every month. The questions were not much difficult, but they test our thinking skills. I never won those contests, but each time I tried my best. From those contests, my passion for Competitive Programming grew.

In college also I opted Computer Science due to my passion only. Here I started my coding journey from Hakerrank. After solving enough problems on Hakerrank and when I felt that I can compete with other coders at national level, I joined Codechef. There I begin with Long Challenge which is a 10 day monthly contest conducted by Codechef. At that Contest, I got 10k+ rank but I was happy as it was my first national level contest. After that I participated in many Contests and my performance gradually increased from under 10k to under top 1000.

In my college Coding Community conducts an yearly coding contest called “Coders Cup”. I won that contest in my first year after which I was selected as a member in that coding community.

coding ninjas competitive programming certificate

My first Coding Ninjas online course

When I was in my second year, I purchased a Competitive Programming Course from Coding Ninjas. One of my senior recommended this to me. He told me that it will help me in mastering advanced topic of competitive programming, and it did the same. From this course, I learnt very advanced topics like fenwick trees, Computational Geometry, Advanced Graphs etc. which helped me a lot in upgrading my skills to the next level.

After the completion of my course, Coding Ninjas offered me an Internship as a Teaching Assistant of Competitive Programming. It was the first internship of my life. In this internship, I need to help others in solving problems of the Competitive Programming Course. Where ever the students face any doubt in the course, whether it is related to any concept or code, they ask it from the Teaching Assistant. So, after joining this internship, I resolved hundreds of doubts, cleared many concepts from the toughest topics and debugged many complex codes. This internship helped me in revising as well as mastering the complete Competitive Programming Course, specially the tougher part of the course. The internship was very special for me as I will also get a good stipend also. The first salary of my life!!


So, currently I am working as a Teaching Assistant in Coding Ninjas and learning new things daily from others, new ways to solve a particular problem, new kinds of errors and how to overcome them…

This is my story from school student to a Teaching Assistant of Competitive Programming. Learnt a lot in this journey and much more to learn. Special thanks to Coding Ninjas for boosting my skills to a new level !!

Hope this review will be helpful !!


Coding Ninjas Competitive Programming Online Course makes you adept in writing programs for unique problems. It equips the candidates with excellent thinking and problem-solving skills so that they can provide the most effective solutions to major problems in the world. This course encourages students to participate in international coding competitions and also prepares them with the latest algorithms to make fast coders out of them. It is a pack of mathematical and logical thinking while solving the toughest problems within a limited time span under pressure.


This Coding Ninjas training will ensure you a good position in global coding competitions and land you with the best companies. They make you a great asset for tech giants like Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Facebook, etc who want to develop new innovative solutions for their customers.


Prepares For: ACM-ICPC, Google Codejam, Hackercup etc

Taught In: English & Hindi

Duration: 4-6 Months

Benefits: FREE TRIAL

Maximum Discount: With CODING NINJAS COUPON CODE get a discount as high as 42% on this course.



Coding Ninjas first prepare you for Competitive Programming with its Fundamental course, details of which are mentioned above, and then advance you with their Premium Courses.

Learn some awesome tricks to solve complex problems and practice the skills needed to crack interviews of popular tech giants by writing the best programs than anyone else. Outrace others with the fastest and most efficient codes that solve real-world problems.




Coding Ninjas hire the best faculty to give you the best results. Their team of Competitive Programming Course consists of lead experts and Teaching Assistants (TA). To keep the competitive lit in you these professors are more like your competitions, questioning and pushing you at every step to become more fast and adaptable to new circumstances that problems create in your mind. When you are stuck they reach to help you solve complex problems and open your reasoning horizons and expand your mental capacity so that you can think out of the box. They are the best support and lens for your eyes to see every problem with a new perspective.

TAs are alike and very friendly, they are available throughout your journey helping you from the most basic to most advanced levels.

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