Coding Ninjas Online JAVA Course Review

This article will help you get insights into what is actually offered by Coding Ninjas and how it has helped in opening doors for coding enthusiastic students. Coding Ninjas is an institution providing educational services in programming and data management with a wide variety of courses designed by experts. Coding Ninjas courses are for anyone willing to step out of their comfort zones and use the power of coding to link themselves with the digital world. 

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Took this course after lots of searching…

By Satyam Singh

Hi Everyone!! Myself Satyam Singh. I am currently a third year student of and three months back when I was searching some good courses for boosting my coding skills specifically Data structure and algorithms then I got to know about this Coding Ninjas Online Java with Data structure Course. I have heard a lot about coding ninjas and its faculty from my seniors in college. I have already studied java as a part of my syllabus in college before this. But my main aim to join this initially was to learn about implementation of Data structures and algorithms. So, I decided to join the February batch. Ankur Sir was going to be my mentor this batch.

The course began with some programming fundamentals, arrays, strings , recursion and OOPS. During this part of course I have learnt the way to approach competitive problems. I found that there are lot of important points that we miss about these topics while learning in our college. Like I had never approached any question of recursion before like the way Ankur sir taught. He always covered these topics in depth and a basic application of each one of these topics by him helped us to link the use of these with real world.

coding ninjas online java course

Glimpse of my Coding Ninjas Online JAVA course

Second part of this online course includes Data structures and dynamic programming. It covers linked list,stacks, queues, trees, hashmaps & arraylist. I would like to thank Ankur sir specially for this that he explained all these DS from basic to advanced level discussing every situation that we may face in implementing them. He explained these data structures and their use in industrial projects by writing our own codes for them.

Assignments, notes and Doubts clearing by the Teaching assistants were exceptionally well. And during the complete course, Ankur sir never failed to give us necessary tips for the questions we are going to face in placement interviews. As I mentioned earlier that i am a pre-final year student that’s why i think that the skills developed here will surely help me in upcoming interviews. I strongly recommend this course to everyone who is will to take this Coding Ninjas Online JAVA course.


Java in recent times has been declared as the Write Once, Run Anywhere (WORA) language. It is the most popular among people who want speed while coding because it can run on any platform with recompilation. Java is a high-level general-purpose object-oriented programming language. What makes Java different is the fact that it provides runtime dynamic capabilities absent in traditional languages. While the credit to its popularity goes to its wide and versatile usage in making large enterprise-class applications.

Coding Ninjas teach you to compile your code via JAVA in the most efficient way. They train you to become the next face of JAVA Developer and pack you with all essential knowledge of Data Structures and Algorithms. You get all the attention on the practical part because Coding Ninjas believe that JAVA is the potential language that has the highest demand in the industry. 

With the right understanding of the basic concepts, you gain powerful skills that are achieved by practicing. CodeStudio & CodeZen are two platforms created by Coding Ninjas for polishing their student coding skills. These platforms are apt for code problems, Interview Experiences, and providing guided paths. Learn Java like a pro by spending time practicing and solving mock tests.

This is the most popular course in Coding Ninjas because Java being a part of the Indian school curriculum, students want to master it. Besides, it is considered one of the most easy-to-use programming languages. Coding Ninjas Faculty that is directly involved in teaching Java are IIT, IIIT, Stanford experts along with professionals with real-world experience with Tech Giants. Coding Ninjas teach you from the best so you don’t fall back while reaching your dreams.


Taught In: English  and Hindi

Duration: 4-6 Months

Students Enrolled till Date: 37382

Benefits: FREE TRIAL

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