Coding Ninjas Online Python Course Review

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Best decision of mine

by Ashish Shukla

Hi everyone, myself Ashish Shukla. I have done a Python (Introduction+ Data Structures and Algorithms) from Coding Ninjas and trust me that I claim as the best decision of mine.

Coding Ninjas is the best Platform to get your hands dirty with programming. Let’s just have a view at what makes it different from other such institutes in the market.

  • Course Structure – This one is the most important reason why I loved this course. Like everything is so much arranged in it’s place. You will be learning everything with a proper pace followed by assignments so that you get to know how much you understand the topic. Also, every week they send you the weekly performance report so that a competitive environment is maintained throughout the course which will make you push yourself to better every time.
  • Quality of Content and Value for Money- The best content you can get, out there. I would suggest you to go through the free trial of the course Learn Python data structures and algorithms [Certificate included] | Coding Ninjas, so that you get to experience what I am saying. Once, you go through the Content made by them, you will just love their way of teaching. Like everything is explained to the depth with so much ease.

coding ninjas doubt support

Doubt Solving Process –

  • Now getting your doubt solved is one of the most important part of learning. In Coding Ninjas they have this concept of TAs(Teaching Assistants) who are ready to help you anytime(it’s a matter of just one click) with any subject related doubt. Trust me they are really good at it. They are chosen by going through a rigorous process.
  • Team Support – If you face any problem or any technical Issue, just mail them, they will get it fixed for you as soon as possible. They are really helpful and understanding when it comes to service.
  • Opportunities – Once you complete the course you start getting bunch of opportunities .You can even work with them as they offer TAship to every student who completed their course with 90% and above score. Also they have this dedicated placement call exclusively for students enrolled with them and recommend you to the recruiters as well.
  • Also, due to this pandemic Coding Ninjas has introduced a new feature called “Course Pause” for up to 60 days. So that this course doesn’t puts any pressure on you, considering your academics as well.

This Coding Ninjas python course is best among other competitions. I can say this with my own experience. You can take a free trial to experience it yourself.

All the best !!



Python is the most popular language among programmers because it helps to write logical code in an object-oriented manner for variously scaled projects. It is an interpreted high-level general-purpose language aimed at code-readability. Coding Ninjas train you with the basics to the core of this programming language. They will make sure you understand the ins and outs of Python so that you can code flawlessly. They have specially designed modules that have the learning and testing approach. This is created by experts in such a way that you can take the maximum out of the course. This course offers you foundation-level knowledge of Python with Data Structures & Algorithms. 


This course is taught so effectively by Coding Ninjas Faculty that it makes the students gain confidence when applying for positions in tech giants like Google, Microsoft, Amazon, and many others. Moreover, additional features of Coding Ninjas are CodeStudio and CodeZen that help in practicing the programs and concepts in the online class. 


Other pros include the TA support that every learner looks forward to because programming is something that needs guidance at every step. Sometimes students come across codes that aren’t delivering the expected outputs while in other cases a student might be dealing with a bug. These small technical problems can sometimes affect the thinking process of a student it can demoralize them but with a friendly teaching assistant, all such fears vanish. Coding Ninjas have TAs round the clock and since its an online course you can reach out to them anytime and discuss your problems. They help you push your reasoning boundaries.



Taught In: English 

Duration: 4-6 Months

Benefits: FREE TRIAL

Maximum Discount: With CODING NINJAS COUPON CODE get a discount as high as 42% on this course.



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Additionally, if you register within 30 days of a newly started Python batch, you can get a BONUS Early Bird Discount worth 30% off and this is a HUGE discount for any student. 

Thus a total of 42% off on the Coding Ninjas Python Foundation with Data Structures and Algorithm Online Course. 




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