Coding Ninjas Referral Discount Coupons: How to get? Why to use?

In this post, I will tell you everything about Coding Ninjas Referrals Discount Coupons. What are these discount coupons. Why to use these referral. And How to apply these Discount Coupons on your account.

what are coding ninjas referral discount coupons

What are Coding Ninjas Referral Coupons?

Coding Ninjas Referral Coupons are basically Discount Coupons offered by Coding Ninjas. You can get 12% additional discount using these Coupon codes.

how to get coding ninjas coupon codes

Where to get these Coding Ninjas Coupon Codes?

Anyone can get these Coding Ninjas Coupon codes from any past student. Or any campus ambassador of Coding Ninjas. You will get 10% discount coupons from past students. While 12% discount coupons from a campus ambassador. I have provided one such 12% Coding Ninjas Discount coupon HERE.

why to use coding ninjas referral coupons

Why to use Coding Ninjas Referral Discount coupons?

Everyone should use these Coding Ninjas Referral Discount coupons to avail some additional discount on Coding Ninjas Online courses apart from the already mentioned discounts. Currently you can get FLAT 32% OFF on all Coding Ninjas online courses.

how to use coding ninjas referral coupons

How to use these Coding Ninjas Referral coupons?

  • You just need to create a new account on Coding Ninjas Official Website.
  • Then click on the referral link given HERE.
  • That’s all. Coding Ninjas Referral Discount coupons are applied to all the courses of Coding Ninjas.
  • Just choose the course of your choice and at the time of checkout, you will see Coding Ninjas Coupon code already applied.


About Coding Ninjas Institute

At Coding Ninjas, their mission is to continuously innovate the best ways to train the next generation of developers. And to transform the the way tech education is delivered.Coding Ninjas was founded in 2016 to bridge the knowledge gap between colleges and industry. Founded by Ankush Singla, Kannu Mittal and Dhawal Parate. Coding Ninjas boasts of world-class teaching faculty and a state-of-art learning platform for Coding education with faculty alumni of IIT, Stanford, IIIT and Facebook. Coding Ninjas teaches 17+ Programming courses in Foundation. l Advanced, Data & Development courses such as Machine Learning, Data Science, Web Development, Android and more. Today, Coding Ninjas ecosystem comprises of 40,000+ students and alumni. 1000+ Campus Ambassadors, 2000+ Teaching Assistants, and 150+ employees.

42% OFF Coding Ninjas Referral Discount coupons

Use the discount coupons given below to enjoy FLAT 42% OFF on Coding Ninjas Online courses.

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Few Features of Coding Ninjas Online courses

I am telling you in brief all those things about the course, which I personally liked the most and I think that you should also know these things –

Placement Assistance – After completing the course, Coding Ninjas ensures that you should get the right track in future. It provides various internships and jobs opportunities with a good stipend. With the help of these, you can get back your course fees within a month. So, I consider it just like an investment !!


Teaching Assistance – If in case you have any problem or doubt regarding any topic, concept, question or anything, you can ask in from the teaching assistant. They explain you the solution very clearly. You may ask them any doubt as many time as you want. You will definitely get the solution within few hours.


CODEZEN is an online platform specially made for all the students of Coding Ninjas to practice. It contains various sections like blogs, test section, events section, leaderboards etc. It allows all the students of Coding Ninjas to compete among themselves.

Refer & Earn Scheme – I personally loved this scheme a lot. After taking the course, you can refer other students to take Coding Ninjas courses. You can provide them 1000 rupees additional discount and you also get 1000 rupees in your wallet which you can use to buy further courses.

Hint Videos – Almost all the problems are backed up by a hint video. If you face any problem in any assignment question, you can see the video which explains the concept used to solve the problem. But you need to do the coding part yourself.

Goodies – Coding Ninjas also provide goodies to all the enrolled students. These goodies are really AWESOME. It includes a wildcraft bag, a coding ninjas t-shirt and some laptop stickers.

I think this would be enough for you to decide yourself whether the courses worth for the money or not !!