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Hi, I am a student at DTU , Software Engineering . I have been an average coder for 2 years but still i was not able to crack the companies. I have always missed simple concepts like Pointers or Recursion etc. After sitting in almost 30–35 companies I had no luck in getting an on campus internship in my third year. Finally I got an internship off campus as a Backend Developer. But getting an internship was not the goal. WE all crave for better placements.
I decided not to join my Internship , instead joined Coding Ninjas. I have been taught by Ankush Sir. He is amazing , and his teaching is very brilliant.
Many of my basic concepts got cleared. He has a very good approach towards the question and he delivers his fullest to the students. You learn multiple approaches towards solving a particular question. With the environment of students out there you get to know the multiple ways to think of a solution.
So now the question is all the resources and materials are available on the net , why to join such a course. ?
Well i can give you a reason for that….
Aryan Raj
Software Development Engineer @Amazon Development Center

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I did 3 courses here, the online part is especially fun!
Very nice. I like most others enrolled for it only because there was no seat left in offline program. They were in fact overbooked with waiting list also full. I knew I had no choice but to take online program or wait till August:P I am glad I did not.
There are 5 things that make this the ideal choice if you want to learn programming:
First it will teach you how to learn things outside class. Consider this, once you do offline course you will definitely head towards ML or Data Science or even take YouTube courses on Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver. Try learn them now , you will realize how boring it gets after only a few hours because its free and painful 😛 Doing this course online will help set a platform from where you will be able to overcome a lot of frustration normally encountered while doing an online course. From there on you can even excel at online courses on Coursera while your other….
Upcoming FTE, Goldman Sachs

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Been an average coder but still, I was not able to crack the good companies. I have always missed simple concepts and also weak in the data structure. After sitting in almost 10-15 companies I know I have to work on my skills. So for any good course, you need the money and also great placements and that time I heard the Coding Ninja Carriercamp Batch going to open course for those students who can learn first and improve their skills and after placements, you have to pay money. It’s a six-month course where you learn Data structure & algorithm with java and you will also learn Full Stack Web Development.
Data structure & Algorithm using Java :
1. The course covers all the data structures and algorithms comprehensively.
2. They scale up the difficulty of problems slowly and teach syntax/concepts in a problem-solving fashion which I could not find anywhere else.
3. Problem-solving approach, you will solve a ton of problem which will get you…
Ayush Kumar
BE from University Institute of Technology, Burdwan University

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I am a Final Year student at Panipat Institute of Engineering and Technology, BCA.
I took up the Java Nucleus course at CODING NINJAS and was educated by Ankur. He is an extremely experienced educator and supportive individual. He is consistently prepared to unravel your questions and continues clarifying the thing till you get it.
Aside from that the staff of Coding Ninjas is agreeable and helpful. They helped us by assigning Backup and Doubt session classes.
In the Foundation Courses, they don’t simply teach you a programming language yet rather they fabricate specialty of critical thinking which is a higher priority than all else..
The TA’s help you get is simply AWESOME. They are exceptionally useful in clearing the questions at whatever point you ask them.
Along these lines, the Advantages of this course by coding ninjas are:
Your fundamental ideas will get cleared.
Many riddles and mind mysteries are given during the course to the student with the goal that….
Shubham Jain
Student at Coding Ninjas (2018-present)

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