How can I get maximum discount on Coding Ninjas while buying a course?

There are many ways to get a discount on Coding Ninjas online courses using referrals, Coding Ninjas discount coupons, early bird registration, and many more. But I will tell you here that how can you get a maximum discount on Coding Ninjas while buying the courses. Use the discount coupons mentioned below along with the given trick to get the maximum discount.

Just follow the steps mentioned below to get any course you want at least price –

  • First of all, you should have a fresh account on Coding Ninjas to avail of the discount. A fresh account means you have not purchased any course yet from that account. If you don’t have an account, go and create one from the Coding Ninjas Official website. Coding Ninjas Discount Coupons are applicable only on fresh accounts.
  • Once you have created an account, click on the Coding Ninjas Referral link mentioned HERE. You will get an additional 12% discount on all Coding Ninjas Online courses.


  • After that, select the Coding Ninjas course in which you are interested and choose a batch starting after 28 days to get an additional 10%-30% Early Bird Discount.
  • At the time of check out, you will see both the Early bird discount and Coupon Code discount already applied. You can get up to 15,000 discounts on Coding Ninjas online courses through this method.



12% is the maximum amount of discount coupon that Coding Ninjas provides. There are only 2 kinds of Coding Ninjas Discount Coupons Codes. One is of 10% discount and other of 12% additional discount. Coding Ninjas does not provide any discount coupons more than this.

So, this is the method to get the maximum discount on Coding Ninjas while buying a course.


7 features of Coding Ninjas Online Courses which I personally loved –

  • Coding Ninjas Course Content – It is mentioned in prerequisites of this course that- Previous Coding experience is not required. The course starts from very basics like flowcharts, conditional and loops etc. It is designed in a way that a student who do not have any previous knowledge of coding can also understand easily. Although I had some previous knowledge of C++. The content is complete and connected. I didn’t feel any major difficulty in understanding the topics.

maximum discount on Coding Ninjas

  • Teaching Assistant Support – This is the mentor support provided by the Coding Ninjas. Whenever and wherever I stuck in any concept or problem. there was always an Ask Doubt option available to take help from the Teaching Assistant. Now more features are added like Real Time Doubt Resolution, Audio Call feature etc. which were not available at my time.

Coding Ninjas Placement Cell –

  • There is a dedicated placement cell where jobs and internships get updated every week. But we can apply to a job or internship only when we have completed a related course from Coding Ninjas. I got my first paid internship of my life from this placement cell only. and had my first earning of 20k bucks !!

maximum discount on Coding Ninjas

  • Course Pause Feature – There is always an option to pause my course for up to 60 days in total which I found helpful in many situations. Whenever a situation occurs where we can not be able to give time to the course. Like we have some family function or exams, we can pause the course and all the assignment deadlines will be shifted ahead.
  • Coding Ninjas CodeStudio – This is a latest feature of Coding Ninjas which includes interview problems of Tech giants and interview experiences also. I just started to explore this feature and found it really amazing. There are topic-wise as well as company-wise previously asked questions to practice.

maximum discount on Coding Ninjas

  • Hint videos – For all the hard questions of the assignments, there is a always hint video attached in which it is explained how to approach the problem. It does not give complete solution, but just hint to approach. It helped me many times during the course. However, you can see the original solution after submitting the assignments.

Coding Ninjas Goodies –

  •  Last but not the least, Coding Ninjas provides goodies worth 2000 with every course that includes a Wildcraft Laptop Bag, a Coding Ninjas T-shirt and a laptop sticker. The quality of goodies are really good!!

maximum discount on Coding Ninjas

So, that were the best features that I liked the most. I will strongly recommend you to take this course and if already taken, do complete it sincerely !!

All the best !!

What expert says about Coding Ninjas?

“Founded in 2016, Coding Ninjas is one of the largest online tech education company in India, focusing on courses like C++, Java, Python, Android, Machine learning, Data science, etc. It is perhaps one of the best programming language platforms in India. They provide you a hassle-free, adaptive and excelling online courses to help you achieve your code the panache it deserves. With TA sessions, Live webinars, Discussion forums and certifications, coding ninjas is a great place to build a solid programming foundation.” – India Today (source)


“Coding Ninjas offers world-class teaching faculty and a state-of-art learning platform for Coding education. Coding Ninjas teaches courses in Programming fundamentals as well as advanced courses such as Machine Learning, Data Science, Web Development, etc. The courses are completely online and are available in both English and Hindi languages.” – Express Computer (Source)

“As e-learning gains in India, online coding platform Coding Ninjas has registered a whopping 150% increase in admissions in March — both students and working professional. Of the total admissions during this period, 90% were students while the rest were working professionals. The online edtech platform focuses on teaching coding and other programming courses to beginners.“ – Business Insider (Source)

Coding Ninjas’ Words

“There is a reason why we take pride in branding ourselves as the best programming language platform in India. Our instructors, graduates from Stanford University, IITs, IIITs, are Master craftsmen with years of industry experience at Facebook, Amazon, American Express, Times Internet, etc. At Coding Ninjas, our mission is to continuously innovate the best ways to train the next generation of developers and to transform the way tech education is delivered. We’re constantly evolving how we train amazing developers, as staying stagnant is not an option. ” – Coding Ninjas (source)