Are Coding Ninjas Online courses worth the money they charge ?

Yes, Coding Ninjas Online courses fully justify the money they charge. Paying for online courses isn’t a new concept. Lynda, one of the largest sites for training videos, has charged learners for more than a decade. Even platforms for MOOCs (massively open online courses), which started out massively open because they were offering free courses. But they also started providing paid certificates.

But now the question arises, Why should I pay this much amount. As everyone know that Coding Ninjas online courses are a bit expensive. So, here I am explaining you why you should spend this amount of money on Coding Ninjas. I will tell you three reasons why you should invest your money on these courses.

You should pay if you wish to master a skill

Coding Ninjas provides you all the courses with proper assignments and topic tests backed up by hint videos, mentors and teaching assistants. So, you will absolutely master the skill in which you will spend.

Moreover, they also provide placement assistance with each course to ensure you have proper experience with the skill you learnt.

You should pay as your ROI (Return On Investment) is clear

On spending that amount of money, you will get internship/job assurity along with you master that skill. So, after completion of the course, if you got an internship of just 10k per month (suppose). Then you can easily get back all your invested money in a month or so. And I am not saying this on any assumption. I am telling all this from my experience only. Because I have done 3 courses and an internship from Coding Ninjas. I will tell you my story at the end.

You should pay as Coding Ninjas online courses are the best

Coding Ninjas brands itself as the best programming language platform in India. Their instructors, graduates from Stanford University, IITs, IIITs, are Master craftsmen with years of industry experience at Facebook, Amazon, American Express, Times Internet, etc. At Coding Ninjas, their mission is to continuously innovate the best ways to train the next generation of developers. And to transform the way tech education is delivered. They’re constantly evolving how they train amazing developers, as staying stagnant is not an option. They approach their educational philosophy as a never-ending journey of self-improvement and they apply it to everything they do.

My experience with Coding Ninjas online courses

I can provide a detailed review of Coding Ninjas online courses as I have done a Competitive Programming Course from Coding Ninjas and also got first paid internship of my life form its Placement Cell after completion of my course. Recently I completed that Internship also and from the stipend, I purchased 2 more courses from Coding Ninjas again. So, overall my experience has been amazing with Coding Ninjas.

My journey as Competitive Programmer started in my school time, when I was in 11 standard. In my school, various coding contests were conducted almost every month. The questions were not much difficult, but they test our thinking skills. I never won those contests, but each time I tried my best. From those contests, my passion for Competitive Programming grew.

In college also I opted Computer Science due to my passion only. Here I started my coding journey from Hakerrank. After solving enough problems on Hakerrank and when I felt that I can compete with other coders at national level, I joined Codechef. There I begin with Long Challenge which is a 10 day monthly contest conducted by Codechef. At that Contest, I got 10k+ rank but I was happy as it was my first national level contest. After that I participated in many Contests and my performance gradually increased from under 10k to under top 1000.


In my college Coding Community conducts an yearly coding contest called “Coders Cup”. I won that contest in my first year after which I was selected as a member in that coding community.

My first Coding Ninjas online course

I purchased a Competitive Programming Course from Coding Ninjas in second year of my college. One of my senior recommended this course to me. He told me that it will help me a lot in mastering advanced topic of competitive programming, and it did the same. From this course, I learnt hard topics like fenwick trees, Computational Geometry, Advanced Graphs etc. about which I never heard before.


After the completion of the course, I was offered an Internship as a Teaching Assistant of Competitive Programming in Coding Ninjas. This was the first paid internship of my life. In this internship, my role was to help others in solving problems of the Competitive Programming Course which I just completed. So, after joining this internship, I resolved hundreds of doubts, cleared many concepts from the toughest topics and debugged many complex codes. From this internship, I had complete revision of the course, specially the tougher part of the course. This internship was very special for me as I will also get a good stipend also.


During this internship, I learnt many new things daily from others, new ways to solve a particular problem. New kinds of errors and how to overcome them…

This is my story from school student to a Teaching Assistant of Competitive Programming. Learnt a lot in this journey and much more to learn.


After the completion of my internship, I purchased 2 more courses of Interview Preparation and Aptitude Preparation from Coding Ninjas again. In order to get prepared for the placement drive of my college. I purchased these courses from the stipend which I got from my internship.


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